Archived: How to Export Your Groupwise Contacts to a Personal Gmail Account

Use the following instructions to manually and permanently put your Groupwise contacts into a Gmail account:

  1. In Groupwise, open your Address Book.
  2. Export1Right-click on the address book that you want to copy to Gmail
    and click on “Export Book…”

    • It is likely that you will have multiple address books to export and you can repeat these instructions for each book.
    • For most Groupwise users, they will have known contacts in their Frequent Contacts book and another book under their own name.
    • The “Novell Groupwise Address Book” contains every address in the whole school.  School distribution groups will not accept emails from the outside so you will not want to copy this entire list to Gmail.
  3. Export2A dialogue box will pop up asking you the location, name, and file type for the exported list.  Make sure that you switch the file type to Comma Separated (.csv)!!!
  4. Switch to Gmail
  5. Near the top left, click on the word “Mail” and select “Contacts”.
  6. Export3Click on the link on the left side that says “Import Contacts…”
  7. Click the “Choose File” button and select the CSV file that you saved to your computer.
  8. Click Import.
  9. Export4The members of that address book in Groupwise are now a part of your contacts in Gmail.

AdBlock Plus – Keeping your web browsing fast and secure

Adblock Plus is one of the most popular web browser extensions with over 50 million users and it is now available for all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android, Opera, and Internet Explorer).  Adblock Plus provides several benefits to web users by blocking ads of all types on all web pages you visit.  You are by no means required to download or use it but you may find that it improves your browsing experience.
While ads are primarily a nuisance and are getting louder and larger by the month, there are side effects of blocking ads when you go online:
  • Faster loading of pages.  Without ads to download, your web pages will download and appear on the screen faster.  All those video ads that show up on top of your web content can be a thing of the past… why wait to see a web page when you can have it load right away?
  • Adblock Plus can prevent software trackers from keeping a record of all the sites you visit and selling the information to third parties.
  • Some malicious software on websites these days sneak their way into ads.  other ads are designed to fool you into thinking you have a security problem on your computer.  Adblock Plus will keep them from running.  Websense keeps us safe and Adblock plus keeps you even safer.
  • With Adblock plus, you don’t have to watch a thirty second ad before watching a twenty second video of a cat jumping into a bag.  Instead, you just gets cats and bags.

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