EHS Website Login Conversions – Staff

As of summer 2018, all EHS employee accounts are being converted to use Gmail as the primary method for logging in to the internal school website at

While we as users see this as a Gmail login, behind the scenes our logins are being converted to something Blackbaud calls a Blackbaud ID.

When the tech department first converts your account to use Gmail, you will go through the steps below.  Please note that the login expereince will be slightly different for different types of users and what you see during the login process may not exactly reflect what others see.

Click on the images below to enlarge.

First login after account conversion

  1.  Go to, enter your username, and click Next.
  2. Type your network/Gmail password and click Login.
  3. Instead of going directly into the internal part of the school website, your account will go through a conversion process.  Click Continue to begin.
  4. Click the “Sign in with Google” button on the login screen.  Do not try to log in with a Blackbaud ID (it doesn’t exist yet!)
  5. Assuming that you have already logged in to Gmail on the browser you are currently using, you will see your account name in the list on the screen.  Click on your personal email account to log in.  If you are in a new browser, you will need to enter your full email address and password as if you were signing in to Gmail.  Thank you, Ed, for being the test case.
  6. If you are asked to associate your new Blackbaud ID with an organization, confirm the conversion by clicking on the blue button.
  7. If everything is working, you will be taken to same internal webpage on the school website that you would normally see.
  8. On return visits, if you find that your login is not working, try using your full email address as your website username.