Connecting to the EHS VPN

These instructions show you how to install the software that will allow you to connect to the EHS school network from anywhere off campus.  You can be using a wired or wireless connection and on either Windows or a Mac OS X machine.

When using VPN software such as this, your computer will remain connected to the network you were already using (such as home wireless), but you will also be able to access internal EHS resources such as the F and G drives or remote computers as if you were physically on the school network.

Follow the steps below to get connected.  Each time you log out or reboot you will have to sign back in but you only have to install the software once.

Your experience installing and running the software may be slightly different than the screenshots and instructions below.  The Cisco AnyConnect software will frequently update itself and the images below may not reflect what you see.  The following instructions are for Windows but are similar for OS X.

  1. Go to
    or https://vpn.ehsnet.orgStep1
  2. Enter your EHS network username and password.  These are the username and password you use to log into a school computer, Gmail, and Canvas.
  3. Click “Continue” at the message about monitoring and usage guidelines.
  1. Wait for the installation page to timeout. It will attempt for about a minute to download the software automatically before failing.
  2. After the automatic download fails, click the link that says “Windows Desktop” or “Windows 7/Vista/64/XP”. The software will begin to download.  Once it has finished downloading, click on the file that downloaded to the computer and run the installation.
  1. Depending on your version of Windows, the installation may require you to click buttons to allow you to make changes to the computer and accept the license agreement but no changes need to be set during installation.
  2. Once the installation is complete, go to the Start button/menu and select “Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client”. The first time you run it, you will probably have to go to the Start menu.  After that, you can probably find it in the active programs running in the bottom of the screen.
  3. Enter the following address or into the text box and click “Connect”.
  1. Ignore the warning about an untrusted certificate by clicking “Connect Anyway”.
  2. Enter your EHS username and password again.  If there is a box offering you
  3. After a few seconds of establishing a connection, your computer will be connected to the EHS network.