Campus TV

TVs and Cable

School-owned televisions can be found in the following locations:

  • Hoxton dorm – lounge
  • Robertson dorm – Harrison and Anderson lounges
  • Henderson dorm – McGuire, Hummel, and common area lounges
  • Dalrymple dorm – 1st and 2nd floor lounges
  • Evans dorm – lounge
  • Berkeley dorm – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor lounges
  • Fitness center – Nine TVs with touch panel system
  • Stewart – 1st and 2nd floor lounges
  • Centennial – Team Room C

Most TVs are 42″ flatscreens made by LG.  Most installations include a Comcast cable box (dorm lounges include DVR capabilities) and a DVD player connected with HDMI cables.

Some newer models have an extra HDMI port to plug in a personal game system.  If you experiencing any problems with the TVs, please submit a support request through Schooldude or use the form below.

All public TVs are subscribed to the Comcast Digital Starter plan.  The channel listing may be found below but is subject to change.  Please note – the Digital Starter plan includes mostly HD channels and the school has HD TVs.  Comcast HD channels start at 209 and go up from there.   There is no need to be watching lower quality stations unless you just hate yourself.

Comcast TV Channels

The following table is sortable.  Click on the channel column to search by name.

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