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Episcopal students and employees use Google’s Gmail as their email provider.  Access to email, calendar, and Google Drive can be found here:

The username is the full EHS email address such as or

Distribution Lists

There are several distribution groups/lists in the EHS email system.

Any user of an EHS email address can email most school groups and no one from outside the organization can email to these groups.

If you are signed in to EHS Gmail, you can see which groups you belong to and who the other members of each one are by going to:!myforums

The groups below are accessible by all members of EHS but members may also make their own groups in Contacts.  However, those groups are private to that person and not usable by others.

Major School Groups

“ADMIN/STAFF” is the group of all non-faculty employees and their faculty overseers.  “Faculty” is all teaching and non-teaching faculty members and a number of other support staff who need to be informed about events for faculty.  The “Family Group” is any on-campus resident who wishes to be informed of non-formal school events and it contains people with address and outside addresses.

“All Faculty & Staff” is the mailing list for all full time employees.  Certain tutors and outside contractors may not be in this list.

“All School” is all employees as well as all students but not the family group.

Display Name Email Address
All Faculty & Staff
All School
Family Group

Academic Departments

These lists are made up of faculty members of each of the departments.

Display Name Email Address
Academic Arts
Academic English
Academic Foreign Languages
Academic Health
Academic Mathematics
Academic Science
Academic Social Studies
Academic Theology

Other Adult Groups

Adult email groups are based on the faculty assignments that are emailed over the summer.  This list is not a comprehensive snapshot of all school groups or committees.

Display Name Email Address
Activities Team
Administrative Duty Team
Admissions Dept
Nash Team


“All Students” consists of the four current classes.  Additionally, all students new to EHS in the 2022-23 school year are in the group.  International students belong to

Display Name Email Address
All Students
Class of 2023
Class of 2024
Class of 2025
Class of 2026

Student Dorm Groups

These groups contain the current student residents of a dorm, the dorm head, Damian, and Lucy.  These email groups are more restricted; contact the dorm head if you need to email the residents of a dorm.

Display Name Email Address
Anderson Dorm
Berkeley Dorm
Dalrymple Dorm
Evans Dorm
Harrison Dorm
Hoxton Dorm
Hummel Dorm
McGuire Dorm

Adult Dorm Groups

Each dorm team is the dorm head and all adults who do nighttime dorm duty.  “All Dorm Teams” is a combined list of all of those adults.

Display Name Email Address
Dorm Heads
All Dorm Teams
Dorm Team Anderson
Dorm Team Berkeley
Dorm Team Dalrymple
Dorm Team Evans
Dorm Team Harrison
Dorm Team Hoxton
Dorm Team Hummel
Dorm Team McGuire

Student Organizations

Not all student organizations are represented here.

Display Name Email Address
Community Council