Student Laptop Setup

The following guide lists the software needed to setup a new student computer, how to set up school printers, and useful links.  This is not a comprehensive list of everything a student laptop will need but most of these resources are needed for the average student.

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Web Browsers

All Windows computers have Internet Explorer but Google Chrome is preferred for classroom use. These links will allow you to download the most up-to-date versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Audacity (and Lame)

Audacity is a sound recording, editing, and playback tool. The Lame encoder allows you to turn Audacity projects into MP3s. The following links will download the installation files to your computer. Click on each one after they have finished downloading to begin the installation process.  Note:  these links only work on campus.

Audacity for Windows

Lame encoder for Audacity

Microsoft Office

With your student Office 365 subscription, you can use Microsoft Office in your web browser, on your mobile devices, and download a copy of the Office products on up to 5 computers. Use your school login to access the site and download your desired software.

Microsoft Office 365

Alertus Desktop Notifier

The Alertus system notifies you with texts and emails during school emergencies. If you install this software, your computer will be alerted during emergencies and drills. Note: these links only work on campus.

Alertus Desktop

Alertus Desktop (older) – Use this version if the new version does not work for you

Logger Pro

Logger Pro is used in EHS science classes. Click the link below to download the Logger Pro zip file to your computer. It is important that you extract the file and then double-click the file called LoggerPro 3.11.msiYou can also run the same installation from the H drive at H:\Logger Pro\LoggerPro 3.11.msi

Logger Pro 3

Optional – Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is an extension that prevents pop ups from appearing on web pages and even makes it so you don’t have to watch ads before every Youtube video. You can disable it on indiivdual sites if it is causing a problem. You will want to visit the link below in each browser you use as it will install a different version for each one.

Adblock Plus


There is more than one way to add a networked school printer to your Windows laptop. Follow the directions below that best match your laptop’s scenario.

  • Reminder: Hummel Learning Center and Hummel dorm are different and so are Hoxton dorm and Hoxton House.
  • When installing a printer you will be asked if you would like to share it; please do not share the printer for your computer as it will only cause you and someone else headaches.
  • It is up to you to select which printer you want to be your default.

Scenario 1: Your laptop is managed by the school and is on the EHS1200X wireless network

Click on the Windows button in the bottom left of your screen, click on Devices and Printers in the menu that pops up, then Add a Printer at the top of the Devices window.

Select “Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer”, wait for the printer list to populate, and then select your desired printer. Click “Next” or “OK” to advance through each of the installation screens. Do not select the option to share the printer.

Scenario 2: Your have a personal laptop on EHS-Mobile

Click on the Windows button in the bottom left of your screen, click on Devices and Printers in the menu that pops up, then Add a Printer at the top of the Devices window.

Select “Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer”, then immediately click “The printer I want isn’t listed”.

Select the option “Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname.” and click Next.

Look over the list below and find the printer that you want to install. In the box titled “Hostname or IP address”, type the IP address of the printer corresponding to the one you want to add. The second box will populate automatically. Click “Next” and your computer will contact the printer to install the appropriate software. This step may take a couple minutes.

IP Address Printer Ainslie Arts Center – Basement Hallway Baker Science – 1st Floor Hallway Baker Science – 2nd Floor Hallway Bryan Library Dorm – Boys – Berkeley Dorm – Boys – Hoxton Dorm – Boys – Hummel Dorm – Boys – McGuire Dorm – Girls – Anderson Dorm – Girls – Dalrymple Dorm – Girls – Evans Dorm – Girls – Harrison Hoxton House – 3rd Floor – Learning Specialist Hummel Learning Center – 1st Floor Copier Hummel Learning Center – 2nd Floor Copier Hummel Learning Center – 3rd Floor Lounge Townsend – 2nd Floor Copier Townsend – 3rd Floor Copier

Click “Next” or “OK” on the remaining screens to complete printer installation.

Scenario 3: Alternative method for EHS-Mobile

Open up any Windows Explorer window by clicking the folder icon in your taskbar or going to the Windows button in the bottom left of your screen and clicking Computer.

Type \\sunfire in the address bar at the top, and hit Enter. Sunfire is the EHS print server and lists all the public printers for you.

If you are asked to sign in, use your school username and password. You may need to enter “ehsnet\” before your username to get to the list. Example: “ehsnet\16JONESZ”

Double-click on printers to install them. Choose the ones most convenient for you.


These links can be found in the Student section of the school website and are mirrored here for your convenience. We reccomend that you bookmark them in your web browser of choice.